Use the BattLife commissioning process to store the initial installation test results.

BattLife uses the commissioning discharge or autonomy test data as a datum benchmark throughout the life of the battery.

Maintenance & Warranty

BattLife creates transfer of ownership from CapEx to OpEx.

BattLife gives the OpEx team direct control of asset warranty compliance and transparency of best practice throughout the lifetime of the battery system.

End of Life

BattLife creates a robust preventative maintenance regime for end of life budget planning in advance of premature failure.

The reason we designed BattLife is to ensure there is no interruption of power to critical infrastructure systems.

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Site Manager

Manage Asset Warranties and Client Service Level Agreements.

BattLife manages Site Assets such as:

  • UPS System Batteries
  • Batteries & Chargers
  • Genset Starter Batteries
  • Emergency Lighting Batteries
  • Switch Tripper Batteries
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Planner creates service maintenance workflows and reports for all battery site visits.

Available reports include:

  • Visual inspections
  • Impedance measurement
  • Conductance measurement
  • Autonomy discharge testing
  • Full battery discharge testing
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Reporter combines the lifetime maintenance history of the battery asset to create proactive maintenance and predictive end of life analysis.

  • Instantly report site visits
  • Import historical data
  • Analyse and predict battery performance
  • Export all your test reports to PDF