next generation battery asset maintenance software

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Designed for:

Lead acid, Ni-Cad, Lithium-Ion battery systems

Deliver Maintenance:

Standby Battery Systems, Battery Chargers, UPS Systems, Generators, Battery Storage Systems

BattLife Hardware:

AC & DC load bank dataloggers

BattLife Software:

Runs on laptop or PC with Windows 10 operating system

BattLife - Commissioning

Track the life time battery Asset performance, by storing the discharge or autonomy commissioning data and reports in BattLife.

BattLife - Maintenance & Warranty
Plan battery maintenance work flows, to protect asset investments and warranty compliance with BattLife software.

BattLife - End of Life

Create robust preventative maintenance for end of life budget planning and avoid premature battery failures by using the BattLife software.

BattScan Datalogger
DC Load Bank SD Card Datalogger
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**Record Discharge Data**

Compatible with Hillstone DC load banks.

  • Upload live discharge data and record onto an SD card in CSV file format

  • Record battery Volts, current, temperature, A/hrs and elapsed time

  • Import the CSV file into BattLife for reporting and historical End of Life analysis

  • No external power is required when connected to the load bank
BattScan Fuse Box Datalogger
Discharge Fuse Box SD Card Datalogger
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*** Safety First ***

Fuse protect the battery during discharge testing.

  • Compatible with any battery testing load bank

  • Using BattScan technology to record the discharge test onto an SD card in CV file format

  • Import the CSV file into BattLife for reporting and historical End of Life analysis

  • Panel mounted sockets for insulated connection to the battery cable

  • In-line cable with insulated connectors for the load bank

  • Internal NH fuse protection in both positive & negative cables
AC LoadView Datalogger
AC Load Bank SD Card Datalogger
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**Record Load Profile Data**

Compatible with Hillstone AC load banks.

  • Datalog the AC results during a UPS or genset load bank test

  • Record single & 3 phase Volts, current, kVA, kVAr and power factor, onto an SD card for exporting as a CSV file

  • Import the CSV file into free to use LoadView software for reporting

  • Export from LoadView into BattLife for UPS autonomy load test reporting and analysis
BattLife - Site Manager
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Site Manager Details

Manage Site Assets such as:

  • UPS System Batteries

  • Batteries & Chargers

  • Genset Starter Batteries

  • Emergency Lighting Batteries

  • Switch Tripper Batteries
BattLife - Planner
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Available reports include:

  • Visual Inspections

  • Impedance measurement

  • Conductance measurement

  • Autonomy discharge testing

  • Full battery discharge testing
BattLife - Reporter
Reporter Details

With Reporter you can:

  • Instantly report site visits

  • Import historical data

  • Analyse battery performance

  • Predict battery failure

  • Export all your test reports to PDF